ORDERS SHIP WITHIN 24 HOURS!! Free shipping on all orders over $10.
ORDERS SHIP WITHIN 24 HOURS!! Free shipping on all orders over $10.
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crux.™ you, upgraded.™

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* Zero grams sugar.

* Vegan & Gluten Free.

* No artificial flavors, colors, or sweeteners.

Each crux tablet contains a blend of scientifically-proven ingredients to help you perform your best. 

What is crux?

crux + Water = You, Upgraded

Drop a crux effervescent tablet in water to create a delicious beverage that will help upgrade your day. With 8 tablets per tube, crux is cost-effective, portable, and environmentally friendly.


Why use an effervescent tablet instead of a functional beverage?

Effervescent tablets have several advantages over functional beverages. Many ingredients lose their potency when sitting in liquid, so functional beverages have lost their much of their effectiveness by the time you actually drink them. crux tablets keep their power until you use them. Effervescent tablets are also much smaller and weigh much less than traditional drinks. This means crux tablets are better for the environment, using fewer resources in packaging and shipping than other drinks. Finally, crux tablets cost less than $1 per serving. Comparable products for focus, relaxation, or recovery can cost up to $5 per serving. crux tablets are more effective, better for the environment, and cost less than other functional beverages.


Why is the crux shape different than other effervescent tablets?

We made crux tablets with a smaller diameter so they can fit right into a normal-sized water bottle. Unlike other tablets, you don’t need to break them up before use. We also made crux tablets thicker to give them more surface area, enabling them to dissolve faster.


crux has zero grams sugar. Do you use any artificial sweeteners like sucralose or aspartame?

No! crux does not use artificial sweeteners. In fact, crux tablets have no artificial sweeteners, no artificial flavors, no artificial colors, and no artificial preservatives.


I am vegan. Can I enjoy crux?

Yes, crux tablets are vegan.


I am gluten-free. Can I enjoy crux?

Yes, crux tablets are gluten-free.


Can I drop crux in hot water?

Yes! crux tastes great in hot water, and they dissolve even faster that way.


Can I drop crux in something besides water?

Yes. All crux tablets have strong flavors and taste great. crux FOCUS has a berry flavor. crux RECOVER has a citrus flavor. crux RELAX has a tropical flavor. They mix well with other drinks. Experiment and let us know your favorites!


Should I take more than one crux tablet at a time?

No, we recommend a serving size of just one tablet. Depending on which tablet you are using, you should notice the effects of FOCUS, RECOVER, and RELAX for several hours.


Can I use crux if I am pregnant or using medication?

Like any product, you should consult with a medical provider before using crux tablets if you are pregnant, nursing, on medication, or have any medical concerns.


Do I need to refrigerate these?

No. crux tablets do not need to be refrigerated. Just make sure the cap is closed tightly between uses to keep out moisture and protect your precious, precious tablets.


Are these TSA-friendly?

Yes, crux tablets contain no liquid, and their narrow tube means they are portable and perfect for air travel or when you are on the go.

What is your shipping policy?

We ship throughout the United States. USPS Priority shipping is FREE for all orders over $10. Shipping for orders under $10 is $4.90. Next Day Air delivery is also available, with charges depending on location.